Indigo Blue 2015 - The Recap

So here we are at the end of 2015. What a prosperous, beautiful, and at the same time trying year! I was tested on every level of my life. If quitting were an option this year would have done it for me but what I accomplished this year was simply amazing and outweighed any trial I have faced.  New Years eve of 2015 I sat in my living room with pen and paper with my life partner and set goals . The goals were detailed and descriptive down to the day I wanted them to happen. I purchased a calendar and I filled it with my goals. One of my goals was to be Fearless in life and i did just that.  Often fear kills more dreams than failure because fear is weakening to the soul keeping one stuck in quick sand, sinking slowly but remaining in the sand is easier than facing fear.  In addition to settings goals, I started a gratitude journal and filled it with 5-10  things i was grateful daily. I set out on a mission to accomplish all my goals and LIVE LIFE Fearlessly! All of my goals came to pass except for traveling to Paris. I still have time though and 2016 I WILL make it happen sometimes one can not force what is not meant to happen  at that moment, a delayed goal is not a goal denied.  The biggest lesson I learned this year is to take the good with the bad because accomplishing goals will be hard and uncomfortable at times. To recap the year I attended New York Fashion Week and i was featured on Street Styles Finest List, I expanded Indigo Blue from an small etsy shop to a Lifestyle Brand. I fell even deeper in love with high-fashion! I styled and creative directed the Indigo Blue  Look Book Campaign which  was very well received. I attended the Women of Excellence Conference where i had the honor to be in the presence of so many successful women and THEE Tamar Braxton gave me her microphone to sing with her!!  The Iconic Mary J. Blige was honored and gave a very heart felt acceptance speech. The Indigo Blue Launch Party was a success! I began my journey as an entrepreneur and helped other women start there businesses. I attended  3 day conference with Iyanla Vanzant and I attended a 2 day Fashion and Beauty Event at Macy's Hosted by the beautiful television host/ fashion blogger Courtney Kerr. This year showed me my strength in all areas of my being. I did not just talk about what I was going to do, I DID what I said I would do plus more! I am looking forward to 2016 taking my styling to the next level, and challenging myself to be fit and healthy.


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