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Updated: Jan 3, 2020

While the political scenario in India is still tense, and we as a nation are hoping for a democratic country that we grew up in..we as an industry of slow fashion are worried because 70-80% of the artisans belong to the minority which is threatened. These artisans are the most skilled who are the backbones of the designers who have taken the Indian craft to the world.

The biggest names who have made their and India’s mark globally are Manish Arora, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Rahul Mishra, Suket Dhir, Peró by Aneeth Arora, etc. All of these designers have taken integral aspects of the grassroots and given it a global twist.

Arora, known for his kitsch prints and bold embroideries has imbibed his travelogue around India into Avant Garde silhouettes. He is one of the first Indian designers who moved to Paris and made his mark in the French fashion capital.

Manish Arora

Arora at Camp, Met Museum

While Arora’s work has been very modern, Sabyasachi has been a game changer in the Indian Bridal industry. At a time where India looked to the west for their style and fashion; Sabyasachi got back to his roots and brought it to the forefront. He made the country look back to their roots. He over the years, made that tradition contemporary and made it for the international clientele. His collaborations include footwear and bags with Christian Louboutin, homeware with Pottery Barn, interiors with Taj 51 Buckingham and lot more. His latest venture is fine jewelry and his store in New York which has a launch date of September 2020.

Sabyasachi redefining Indian Brides

Sabyasachi x Christian Louboutin

Peró by Aneeth Arora has been another brand who apart from India has her feet in Europe. Her clothes are very simple yet bohemian. Whites, cottons, thread embroidery and a lot of trims and tassels adorn her clothes. A strong story narrative dominate her design and inspiration.

Aneeth Arora's bohemia

Peró by Aneeth Arora

Hoping that we continue to thrive in a country with artisans and skills that can be manifested in the world.

-Nikita Shah

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