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How to Style: Vests

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

It's How to Style day for you Indigo Blue Stylers and this week we are going to highlight Actress Blake Lively for her total assassination of the the Vest trend! I mean she and her stylist did THAT especially when it came to promoting her movie A Simple Favor. So keep reading to learn how you can rock Vests like our Joker (who we touched on yesterday) and Blake Lively.

1) Show some... arm: It is not a requirement that you wear something under you vests. Let your arms out to add a little bit of femininity to a style that has typically been geared more towards men. Check below to see two ways that Blake let her arms out while styling vests.

Blake styling a vest with her arms out exuding a tailored and edgy "rocker" vibe.

Blake styling her arms out in a vest in that is put-together yet still relaxed look.

P.S. This is a chic way to style vests in the spring and summer when it is warmer out, plus you get to play with textures, in the same way Black played with velvets in both of these looks.

2) Stolen from the boys: Literally, don that full 3-piece suit (yes, the dress pants, matching blazer and vest). Make it more feminine by playing with silhouettes, colors, patterns and textures that are more light and girly. Check out how Blake styled her 3-piece suit below.

Blake styling her suit with flowing dress pants, in a light colored pinstripe with a sheer and lace sleeved button up. She even added a light pink flower for that extra feminine touch.

3) It doesn't have to be a suit vest: Don't get stuck on it being a formal vest, because you can get casual vests. Don't get stuck on your vest having a masculine edge, because there are vests made for the more girly or girls. Let's quickly throw it back to Blake's Gossip Girl "Serena" days when she had a very girly, relaxed, boho style, but still very chic, classic and fashionable style.

Here Blake has a casual and cute look with a casual vest trimmed with fur and feathers for accent.

There you have it Stylers, so start planning how you can work vests into your Spring and Summer wardrobe. As always, share with us on IG,Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest @indigobluestyle!

-Solange McKenzie

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