How to Style: Velvet

Hey Indigo Blue Stylers, it's the day before Thanksgiving so here are your tips on how to style your holiday velvet.

1) LBD or LBJ: So everyone knows about the Little Black Dress, but have you heard about the Little Black Jumpsuit? If not, you heard it here first. Jumpsuits are a hot topic right now so why not get a velvet one for the holiday season. It's quick, it's easy, and you don't have to think about how to keep your legs warm.

Model: Cara Delevingne

2) Blazer and Jeans: Dress your blazer down, or dress your jeans up! either way that blazer needs to be velvet for an effortless slay! Throw on your favorite accessories and those styling boots or booties and you are ready to go.

Empress: Crissy Teigen

3) Add in your accessories: Don't have any velvet clothing in your closet? That's okay, pull out those velvet accessories and pair them with any look. This way you can be on trend but in a less obvious (and still cute) way!

Chanel Classic Flap in Black Velvet

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Stylers! Be sure to share your velvet stylings with us on IG, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest @indigobluestyle!

-Solange McKenzie

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