• Solange McKenzie

How to Style: Baby Blues

Good Morning Indigo Blue Stylers! Yesterday we talked about how baby blue is in for fall so let’s get right into styling this beautiful color!

1) Monochrome: Make a statement and wear this color from head to toe! Just make sure you choose fabrics that are perfect for the fall weather such as knit sweaters, wools, leathers or suedes. This way you catch attention, but you are still warm enough for that fluctuating weather. Men, you can still rock that baby blue suit for your monochrome looks!

Model: Gigi Hadid

Actor: Vicky Kaushai

2)Purses and Accessories: A cute purse in this baby blue color is another great way to amp up a fall look! It’s also not as “loud” as monochrome but it’s a great small POP of this color for fall. Just be careful if you wear dark colors with it. There can be dye transfer. So I suggest getting something to protect your bag 😉.

Singer/Designer: Victoria Beckham

3) Coats: Remember in tip 1 I mentioned getting baby blue items in fall materials. Well this is a little twist on that. Get a cute coat in a baby blue color. Coats are coming in soooo many colors lately, you won’t feel weird rocking a baby blue coat! (Plus you can mix it with last weeks trend and get a baby blue fur coat)

Model: Kate Moss

Stylers, do you feel more comfortable about baby blue for fall? I hope so! Find us on Instagram, Facebook and Pintrest and make sure you share your looks!

-Solange McKenzie

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