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How to Style: Outerwear

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

HAPPY NEW YEAR Indigo Blue Stylers! Let's hop right to how you can style your outerwear for today and for the days to come!

1) The Puffer coat: This type of coat has been on the up and up for the past few years and probably isn't going out of style just yet! Honestly, it just looks really cozy and warm so I can see why everyone has been wearing one, including Monica. She styled her puffer coat in a monochromatic look for fight night just this past week.

Singer: Monica

2) The Fur Coat: So this is a classic, it's been in everyones closet for generations! Seriously, from my grand mother to my mom to me, we all have had a fur coat in out closet at some point in time. Now it's okay if you are part of the Cruelty Free movement ( personally, I am too) faux fur falls into this category too. It's warm, you look like a million bucks no matter what you pair it with, you really cant go wrong with a good fur (or faux fur).

Empress: Marli Pazz

3) The Trench: Another perfect classic. You can pair it with almost anything and look fly. It's perfect for layering a scarf in the colder months and can transition you into the spring month. You can dress it both up and down. It's another MUST in everyones closet (if you don't already have one).

Singer: Ciara

Once again HAPPY NEW YEAR Stylers! Be fabulous AND safe while you celebrate your New Year. Make share your looks with us on IG,Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest @indigobluestyle!

-Solange McKenzie

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