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How to Style: Odds and Ends Bags

Good Morning Indigo Blue Stylers! So we know having a bag is essential to our everyday lives, but does that mean we can't have fun with them? Absolutely not! Keep reading to see how you can have fun with styling your bags (especially on those days where you don't really care about function)

1) Odd Shape: So we know the typical bag styles and shapes, but it's okay to switch it up sometimes. Try bags that are made in shapes that are different than what you are used to. You can keep your outfit as simple or as extravagant as you want to. There are NO limits.

Cult Gaia

2) Animal bags: Who lowkey wanted to take their pet, put them in a bag and walk around all day, Paris Hilton circa 2000's style? Well now you can live that dream... sort of. Like we mentioned yesterday Thom Browne has designed bags in odd shapes and his shapes of choice are animals. So now we get to take a cue from Thom Browne and Janelle Monae and sport animal bags with our looks.

Singer: Janelle Monae

3) Ball bags: Use basketball... or and hollow ball as a bag. Okay, I know this sounds really weird, but stay with me because I thought so too... until I saw one. Of course you can't just grab a basketball and just use it as a bag. BUT you can buy one made into a bag. Or if you are DIY savvy like myself you can make a bag out of a basketball. This is really great for those who love to rock streetwear!

Influencer: Sym Clarke

Thank you Stylers for tuning in this week! Find us on Instagram, Facebook and Pintrest and make sure you share how you create silhouettes and use details in your looks!

-Solange McKenzie

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