How to Style: Object Bags

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Hey Indigo Blue Stylers, on Wednesdays we wear our trend of the week, lol (anybody get the memo?). Yesterday we talked about Judith Leiber and her novelty bags that have been showing up everywhere we turn, so let's get into how you can style them.

1) Shining shining shining: One way a majority of the stars have been styling their bags is to pair it with outfits that sparkle and shine just the the bags themselves. Kylie Jenner paired her bag with a sequin jumpsuit and some perspex/PVC pumps which keeps all eyes on her on her. So if you love attention, this tip is perfect for you!

Empress: Kylie Jenner

2) Let the bag do the talking: These bags are such a statement in and of themselves that the saying "Less is more" applies and you will still look great. Pair your bag with a monochrome look or a simple shirt and jeans combo to let the bag stand out. Take a look at how Alicia Keys styled her bag with a simple white dress.

Singer: Alicia Keys

3) What if the bling doesn't work for me? Well, there are versions of Object Bags available for purchase that are not covered in crystals. So if you want the look, but don't want to be blinded take a look at Saweetie's collection with Pretty Little Thing which debuted at NYFW (time stamp 21:03) for one way that you can style an object bag minus the extra bling.

Rapper: Saweetie

Okay Stylers, I'll definitely be trying to put some of these tips into play once I get my object bag, so, I expect that you all will do the same. Share how you choose to style your bag with us on IG,Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest @indigobluestyle!

-Solange McKenzie

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