• Solange McKenzie

How to Style: Ice Me Out

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Hey Indigo Blue Stylers, we are halfway through the week so let push through! This week our trend was Iced out in crystals, so here are some ways it can be more wearable for everyday.

1) Diamonds (or crystals) and Denim: Honestly this is the most balanced way to rock your crystals. You get the laid back and chill feel from the denim but all the bling from the crystals. You can dress this pairing up with some heels for a night our or down with some kicks to run errands. If Alicia Keys can rock this look during her Grammy's performance, you can rock this look anywhere.

Singer: Alicia Keys

2) Jewelry: The most classic, simple yet effective way you can rock crystals is in your jewelry. I recommend getting jewelry made with higher quality crystals, and example this kind are Swarovski crystals or Zircon stone (which are used in our own bracelets available for purchase here). They are more affordable than diamonds but shine just as bright and last just as long with the proper care. Incorporating crystals in this way can be worn comfortably by everyone. My favorite versatile piece of jewelry is an Iced out Cuban Link, it can be worn by men and women in different ways. Take a look at how the Migos and Jackie Aina style their iced out cuban links.

Rappers: Take-Off, Quavo, and Offset

Influencer: Jackie Aina

P.S. did you notice how they played with layering jewelry too?

3) Shoes: The last way you can incorporate crystals is by getting some shoes with crystal details. You can mix this tip with our first one, Diamond and Denim or you can wear it all on its own for a fun moment on your feet! I know it can feel a little extra or like you are wearing your evening shoes out, but just have fun with it. There are no rules when it comes to style.

Influencer: Micah Gianneli

Okay Stylers, do you feel ready to rock crystals for everyday? If you do, share how you styled them with us @indigobluestyle on instagram, facebook, and pinterest.

-Solange McKenzie

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