• Solange McKenzie

How to Style: Go With the Flow

Hey Indigo Blue Stylers! Have you been enjoying this nice weather? I know We have ! So lets enjoy it more with this weeks Go With the Flow styling tips!

1) The Duster Coat: SO as we transition from winter to spring you will need some kind of outer wear to keep you comfortable. Try picking up a cute duster coat the catches the wind while you walk. Like seriously, who doesn't want to look like Shaft on some days?!

Model: Gigi Hadid

2) Skrt skrt: Maxi Skirts are always a cute way to achieve a flowy look. Mostly because they don't require too much work. And yall know I'm a fan of maximum impact, minimum effort when it comes to a killer look (they usually turn out the best anyway!). Make sure you choose one in a nice light material, this way it flows just my you walking!

Actress: Tracee Ellis Ross

3) You can ring my bell: Bell sleeves are also a cute way to tackle this trend. It's great because it can be versatile. Whether you like form fitted or more loose clothing, with a bell sleeve you get the flow from your sleeves, but everything else can be exactly how you like it. No need to change up what you are comfortable with just for this trend.

Model: Nicole Warne

Thank you Stylers for tuning in this week! Find us on Instagram, Facebook and Pintrest and make sure you share how you go with the flow in your looks!

-Solange McKenzie

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