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How to Style: Gloves

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

How y'all holding up Indigo Blue Stylers? Now that you have gotten your dose of self-care tips with Motivational Mondays, and have been introduced to this weeks trend on Trendy Tuesday, let's tap into how to make this trend work for everyday.

1) Get Girly with it: Does anyone remember wearing gloves as part of your Sunday Church attire, or is that just me? Well, regardless, you can take inspiration from that and run with it. Like I mentioned yesterday, gloves don't have to be just for the winter time so you can pair some cute gloves with a nice sundress for a dainty look. Try pairing using gloves that appear more feminine. Check out how Lady Gaga and Morgan Gale pair their gloves for a dainty look.

Singer: Lady Gaga

Model: Morgan Gale

2) Olivia Pope: So it's currently still winter time, so of course the obvious way to wear gloves is with your outerwear. BUT, we can always make ourselves stand out even when we are braving the cold. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, can style some winter gloves better than Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope from Scandal. She never had on your basic gloves, there was always some flare to them.

Actress: Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope

But if you aren't ready to be as extra as Ms. Pope, go with something more simple. Maybe try purchasing gloves with a nice pattern on them, like these Gucci GG Marmont Chevron Leather Gloves

3) Live on the Edge: Gloves can also be used to make a look more edgy too. You can take materials like lace and netting or embellishments like studs to add a more rocker vibe to your look. For studding take a look at how Kim Kardashian West edges up her separates with some studded gloves.

Empress: Kim Kardashian West

4)Floral Touch: Gloves can be brought into spring in many different ways. One of them is adding a cute floral touch to them. Note how Sydney Sweeney used large floral patterns to complete her look! She is totally ready for the warm spring weather.

Actress: Sydney Sweeney

There you have it Stylers! Tag us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest @IndigoBlueStyle so we can see how you rock your gloves!

-Solange McKenzie

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