• Solange McKenzie

How to Style: Fur Ball

Good Morning Indigo Blue Stylers! Are you ready to live your best fur ball life? I hope so because it's perfect for these times of year where the weather is changing. Rock all different types of fur looks from the classic gull fur coat, to using smaller fur items to enhance your look. So, here are your tips to rocking this fur ball trend!

1) Mixed Materials: Pair your fur with different materials such as denim or even leather. This is a great way to get maximum wear of items like fur vests during those transitional months.

Model: Kate Moss

Influencer: Jackie Aina

2) Fur accessories: You don't have to rock a fur coat in order to participate in this trend. Take some fur accessories such as a scarf, cuffs, or gloves to amp up your look. This way you don't have to commit to a full fur item. Plus, there are multiple looks you can create with fur accessories.

Singer: Jennifer Lopez

3) Faux Fur: Not a fan of real fur, don't worry. There are many different type of faux furs out there and the main one that is still 100% on trend is the Teddy coat. Dress it up or dress it down, it's just as fun and as versatile as real fur.

Model: Hailey Baldwin-Bieber

Thank you Stylers for tuning in this week! Find us on Instagram, Facebook and Pintrest and make sure you share your Fur Ball looks!

-Solange McKenzie

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