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How to Style: Dramatic Sleeves

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

What's good Indigo Blue Stylers?! Let's get right into how to make dramatic sleeves work for your everyday lifestyle!

1) Cape Sleeves: Stunt on 'em like our girl Janelle Monae with her cape sleeves. This is a great way for you to rock some dramatic sleeves when the weather get very temper-mental! Also, who doesn't secretly want to be the most fashionable super hero?! (It's okay, I know you do lol).

Singer: Janelle Monae

2) Subtle Details: Not sure where to start when incorporating drama into your sleeves? It's all good, start simple. Find a top that has small details that make the sleeves different and unique. Take a look at the tie details on Yara Shahidi's top. It's a simple addition, but it make her top look more interesting than the rest.

Actresss: Yara Shahidi

3) Puff/balloon Sleeves: Puff sleeve are also a great way to add some drama to your sleeves. It's probably the most accessible too. I'm quite sure every store has some type of shirt, dress or jacket/coat that has puff or balloon sleeves. You can also get these sleeve and many different items; button downs, off-the-shoulder, crops like pictured below on Sara Sampaio, and jackets as pictured on Rihanna

Model: Sara Sampaio

Singer: Rihanna

Stylers, do y'all feel ready to add drama to your sleeves? I hope so becasue we want to see how you style them! Share with us on IG,Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest @indigobluestyle!

-Solange McKenzie

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