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How to Style: Denim

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Hey Indigo Blue Stylers it's Wednesday so we are half way through the week, let's finish it off strong & Bold Just like this weeks Trend. Here is how you style your denim.

1) Contrasting Textures: Contrast the roughness of the denim texture with something smooth, like leather. Kim Kardashian (pictured below) recently sported a Denim and Leather look in a way I would have never though to try, at the 2019 Innovator Awards. She sported an all denim top with jeans that were split between denim and leather and completed her look with some leather boots.

Empress: Kim Kardashian

2) Denim on Denim: So in college I would have considered this a fashion faux pas, but I've since rethought that and completely love a denim on denim look. I mean take a look at Rihanna (pictured below) killing this look! even down to the perfectly matching boots! To be quite honest this look inspired me to purchase a denim similarly shaped dress and style (which I got TONS of compliments on because it looked so effortless). So you can find a matching two piece set or do what I did and purchase a dress with a close silhouette to emulate a denim on denim look.

Singer: Rihanna

3) Give it a Sweetheart Vibe: Many times when we put on some denim we throw on a t-Shirt, a tank top, or a sweater (all depending on the weather). But here's how you can turn that basic look into a more girly, sweetheart look: pair it with a shirt that screams girly, like Amrezy (picture below) did with her puff sleeved, corset, cropped top. She even took it a step further and added some pearled, dangled hoops to enhance that feminine look.

Influencer: Amrezy

Bonus tip: Pair your denim with a blazer! This is the perfect way to make your denim word appropriate on those casual days. I always prefer to go with a darker denim like model Maria Borges (pictured below) did when pairing her denim with her blazer. My personal opinion is that darker denims are more chic as well as work appropriate.

Model: Maria Borges

Now that you have your tips, start getting your denim together. Remember these look are a baseline, you can get as creative with your denim as you want! Make sure you share how you choose to style you denim with us on IG,Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest @indigobluestyle!

-Solange McKenzie

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