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How to Style: COVID-19

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Good Morning Indigo Blue Stylers! As the country begins to shut down in many places due to COVID-19 aka Coronavirus we are all looking for ways to stay healthy. Here are some tips to help you stay virus free.

1) Stay Home: If your place of work has shut down, you don't really have much choice. However, if you don't need to be outside stay home. Throw on your loungewear and do you work from home, you can be comfy and productive. Or if you don't have the type of job where things can be done at home, chill out, take this time to get the R&R you've always wanted spend time with family. View this as an opportunity to shift & focus and have a little fun. Use your best judgement to remain safe and don’t be too extreme a little fresh air is good for you.

Power Couple: Kandi and Todd Tucker

2) Keep those hands clean: If you MUST go outside make sure you have a hand sanitizer that is at least 70-90% alcohol. Use sanitizer when you get on and off public transportation, or if you touch any surface and can't get to a sink to wash your hands..... Speaking of washing your hands, do so Anytime you walk into a building or even your own home, that should be the FIRST thing you do. Wash for at least 20 seconds and use soap and hot water.

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Purell in a Louis Vuitton Pouchette

3) Social Distancing: So with this particular virus, it spreads really easily when in close proximity to someone who has the virus. Try to stay 6-10 feet away from others... especially if they are sneezing or coughing. (bonus tip: If you are sneezing and coughing, please cover your mouth and nose with your elbow NOT your hands). COVID-19 can spread at least 6-10 feet from a sneeze or a cough.

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-Solange McKenzie

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