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How to Style: Color Stories

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Good Morning Indigo Blue Stylers. Are you as exhausted as I am?! Don’t worry we will get through it! NYFW is coming to a close but that doesn’t mean we stop serving looks. So let’s get right to how to style our Color Stories trend.

1) Matching tones: Pick 3 different colors that have the same tones to mix and match with. It always helps when there are in the same tone family, for example warm tones or cool tones. It’s also helpful to have colors that are in the same area of the color spectrum. Take Rihanna for example, she paired cool blues and purple together to crate her color storied look.


2) Play with patterns: It’s always fun to play with patterns made of different colors. They give you so much to work with. You can add accessories that go with the different colors to complete your look. Check out how Queen Bey added some subtle gloves with the same colors as her blazer to finish off her fit. She also matches her lip to one of the pattern colors.


3) Color Block: This is for my bold Stylers. Create your color story with color blocking bold. This is a great way to get away with not matching your tones. Unlike our first tip, matching tones, choose colors that are not on a spectrum and have a nice contrast with each other. This color story with literally tell a story, and grab the attention from everyone around you. Take a look at Marsai Martain, she color blocks with yellow, pink and turquoise. She also adds a tassel element with the three colors that creates a bit of a blending moment.

Marsai Martain

Stylers, get on out there and create your own stories with color! Make sure you tag us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest @IndigoBlueStyle so we can see your looks!

-Solange McKenzie

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