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How to Style: Blazers

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Merry Christmas Indigo Blue Stylers! Thank you for checking back in with us to find out how you can style your classic blazers.

1) The Blazer Dress: Blazer styles have come and gone but the most resent way you can wear your blazer is as a dress. All you need is a blazer long enough and there you go! you can accessorize it anyway you want, maybe cinch your waist with a belt (honestly the sky is the limit). But don't forget some thigh high boots or some tights during these cold winter months.

Empress: Hennesy Carolina

2) Pair your blazer with a dress or co-ord skirt set: Not bold enough to wear the blazer as a dress? Don't worry, you can always wear a cute dress or that drop dead gorgeous co-ord skirt set and throw your blazer on over top. This is also a great way to get more use out of those items you feel you can only wear in the warmer months.

Actress: Jessica Alba

3) Make your blazer the statement piece: Put on that neutral outfit that makes you feel great and spice it up with a blazer that adds some fun color. This is an easy way to play and experiment with adding color into your wardrobe because neutrals with a pop is ALWAYS a good move!

Singer: Solange Knowles

4) Pair it with your favorite joggers: So we all know that pairing your blazer with jeans is great for a dressed down and comfortable look. BUT, have you tried pairing a fitted blazer with some joggers? I promise you will feel chic and comfortable.

Alright Stylers, that's all I've got for today! Make sure you have a great holiday with your family and don't forget to share your looks with us on IG,Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest @indigobluestyle!

-Solange McKenzie

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