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How to Style: 70's Grooves

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Hey Indigo Blue Stylers here's your weekly skinny on how you can boogie down with the 70's Groove.

1) Here's a 2 for 1 styling tip: Psychedelic graphic tee's and high waisted pants!This is the perfect combination to get into the 70's style. I love this one for 2 reasons, 1, high waisted pants are the best. They are a great way to elongate your legs (without even having to wear heels). 2, you can ALWAYS find a graphic tee that suits your personal style. And if you don't like graphics, a plain white tee works just as well.

Singer/Actress: Zendaya

2) Since we just talked a bit about pants, here is another attribute that's a must have: Bell-Bottoms or Wide-Legged Denim. Just like having a high waist, adding the wide or bell-bottom leg can also enhance the length of your legs to make you look taller. The great thing about this one is that you can choose if you want a tighter fit or one that is more baggy like Yara Shahidi (pictured below).

Actress: Yara Shahidi

2.5) Bonus! take a look at Zendaya's and Yara's accessories, note the earrings and the shoes they are wearing to complete their looks. The earrings a pretty minimally shaped and solid metal. And they choose a block heel for their shoes.

3) For our last tip, let's cut everything short (yes, I meant what I said). Just like high waists, bell-Bottoms, graphic tees, the mini dress is also a staple of 70's styles. Just take a look at Kendall Jenner (pictured below), her minidress also has long sleeves to add balance. Additionally, she takes uses other staples, bright colors and suede to complete her 70's inspired look.

Model: Kendall Jenner

Okay Stylers, you are ready to style your 70's look to the max! As always, share with us on IG,Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest @indigobluestyle!

-Solange McKenzie

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