• Zair Thomas

How To: Highlight!

by Danessa Myricks

Highlighting is a makeup step that can emphasize any makeup look, no matter what finish you decide to go for. Highlighters on the market are usually formulated as micro-powder shimmers or glitters, they also come in the form of liquid, and there are many, many ways you can use highlighters. They come in all different colors and textures, so find out which tone you’re most comfortable with, and try these tips at home!

  • Use a brush

A fluffy, round tapered brush to get the job done: lightly dust the product at the highest points of your face, including the cheekbones, forehead, chin, and the tip of the nose.

  • Tap it out

Your fingers for application makes for more precise highlighting: tap a small amount of the product on areas that require more concentration, like the bridge of the nose, cupids bow, and the eyelid.

  • Be Creative!

Creating a dynamic look with highlighter is possible with or without a full face of makeup. Try highlighter on a bare face, after applying moisturizers; it will give your natural glow an extra pop. You can even use highlighter to create high-fashion editorial looks by being completely creative, using uncommon colors that compliment your skin tone, and thinking outside of the box.

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