How to Find a Mentor

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Every person who has achieved Greatness has done so with the help of a great mentor. Did you know Oprah Winfrey, The Mega Mogul, Activist, Producer, Actress extraordinaire was mentored by The Late Great Poet, Author , Civil Right Activist, Maya Angelou?

"Only now I sit at Maya's feet, beside her fireplace, hardly believing that, years after reading Caged Bird , she is my mentor and close friend.” - Oprah Winfrey

It can be challenging finding a great mentor. Do you know how to properly find mentorship? Here are five tips to keep in mind during the process.

1. Decide what industry you want to be in

-be clear about your vision

2. Become a student of your field of choice

-begin to read and learn about your field

3. Work on your emotional intelligence

-Remember that mentoring is informal

-Be humble

-Be coachable

4. Find someone who is influential

- Do not overlook family or friends of friends


-Reach out keep it simple

-Give them praise

4. Do not ask

-This approach never works. Do not ask for anything instead add value to them by getting to know them and offering assistance.

5. Respect them and appreciate their time

-Value them and their time

-Listen to advice and teachings

-show gratitude

-Take your craft seriously

Keep in mind that finding a mentor is not a formal thing don't make the mistake of treating it like one. Build a solid friendship based off respect honor and love because the right mentor will become a lifelong friend.

-Keiana Armani

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