Happy Hour Anyone?

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

What are two things Sisters and Ode to Babel have in common?

Great food and Black women in charge!

Gentrification didn’t slow these black businesses down, enjoy some of the remaining diverse public spaces Brooklyn, New York has to offer.

Sisters is a 24-hour restaurant located in Clinton Hill, where you will get to witness gorgeous classical architecture of vaulted ceilings and skylights with a rustic wooden decorum. They welcome all ages and races as they continue to bring an intergenerational vibe to their community.

Ode to Babel is a combination bar, pop-up kitchen, gallery and marketplace all wrapped up into one. This twin ran business wanted to preserve the bohemian elements of the neighborhood when opening their establishment.Their regulars consist of young, middle class, and upwardly mobile creatives if you plan on giving this restaurant a try.

Take a chance on Sisters and Ode to Babel the next time you need a place to visit for Happy Hour, their food, music, and esthetic are waiting!

-Teresa Timmons

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