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Gucci Uplifts the Youth

Earlier this month we called attention to Gucci's sustainability efforts with Gucci Equilibrium. If you haven't read it yet, take a moment to check it out here. Today we are going to bring attention back to it, but this time we are highlighting Gucci's work with our Youth. Educator Maria Montessori once said "Within the child lies the fate of our future." and Gucci most definitely seems to agree. Let's take a look the two initiatives!

First, let's talk about Gucci's North America Changemaker Scholarship. This scholarship awards 20 students who are of diverse background who are aspiring to have careers in the fashion industry an academic scholarship of up to $20,000, along with opportunities to be be mentored and have access to internships through Gucci America. In June 2020 the inaugural recipients were announced, you can view the recipient list here. Additionally, this program partnered with the CDFA Scholars by Design Program to award 2 graduating high school seniors with an academic scholarship of $20,000/year to any accredited 4 year institution of higher learning for them to study fashion design. On their Equilibrium post they stated "More than ever, Gucci believes in the power of investing in education and supporting diverse youth to continue the fight against racial inequality."

Now, lets get into Gucci's work with Irregular Labs. Irregular Labs is a think tank created by Gen Z for Gen Z consisting of a community of about 30,000 youth across the globe. Each year they produce a report called Irregular Report, which touches on different topics but through the eyes of Generation Z. Each year the theme of the report changes. Gucci has been supporting this work since 2018. Last year, in 2019 Gucci supported the Report for the year with their Chimes For Change Campaign and plans to support the 2020 report in the same way.

Do you think this work is important? Do you think other major Fashion Brands should take on similar initiatives?

- Solange McKenzie

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