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Gucci goes sustainable

Gucci was one of the first brands that declared going ‘season-less’ and while that was a huge thumbs up from everyone, the news that has followed gives us a very strong reason to look forward to the new world. Gucci President and CEO Marco Bizzarri outlined Gucci’s ten-year Culture of Purpose sustainability plan.

They outlined the three key pillars of Gucci’s new plan as follows:

Environment Gucci is committed to reducing its environmental impacts and is setting ambitious targets to create a new standard in luxury retail, e.g. guaranteeing the traceability of 95% of our raw materials.

Humanity Gucci recognizes the value of its employees and is dedicated to enhancing the lives of the people who make its products as well as supporting communities, e.g. responsible and innovative management of the supply chain (Gucci was recently awarded with the Green Carpet Fashion award for Sustainable Innovation), gender equality (59% women senior manager, campaigns to support girls and women empowerment), diversity and inclusion (membership with Perks).

New Models

Gucci is developing new solutions by applying technical innovation to improve efficiency in its production and logistics. e.g. setting up an incubator and start-up environment to foster innovation within the company.

While, we wondered how these changes would impact their direction, they answered us with their new sustainable ‘Gucci: off the grid’ collection which is made only from recycled, organic, bio-based, and sustainably sourced materials like metal-free tanned leather, recycled polyester thread, recycled brass, and solvent-free adhesives. Its main material is 100% regenerated nylon created using ECONYL yarn that was recycled from pre- and post-consumer waste — a process that Gucci introduced in 2016.

Creative director Alessadro Michele got crafty, with his last campaign arriving in the form of home videos taken and directed by his models in quarantine. The campaign includes both videos and imagery is shot and directed by film director Harmony Korine.

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