• Solange McKenzie

Givenchy: Contrasting Bold and Subtle

Givenchy, Fall 2021

2020 is coming to an end so let’s talk about what we can look forward to for 2021; Givenchy and their Fall 2021 collection.

Givenchy, Fall 2021

Creative Director, Matthew M. Williams, says his goal with all his Givenchy collections is to reflect the world we currently live in. He perfectly achieves this by experimenting with the materials he chooses to play with the concepts of bold and subtle. Givenchy masterfully achieves just that with their Fall 2021 collection. By mixing subtle and neutral colors with bold colors or bold silhouettes Givenchy captures the big and small moments that make up every humans life. We are looking forward to this collection hitting the stores come Fall 2021, are you?

Givenchy, Fall 2021

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-Solange McKenzie

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