Discovering a Legend: Azzedine Alaia

Updated: May 28, 2019

The High-Fashion House That is AZZEDINE ALAIA Fashion, Style, 0% Conformity

A few days ago I revisited a fashion book on my book shelf. I turned opened the book to the first featured designer AZZEDINE ALAIA, one of my favorite designers! First introduced to me when I was just a young girl shopping at The Limited Too. (lol) I was very inspired by the 90s movie Clueless starring Alicia Silverstone (come on I know you owned a pen with the feathers at the top.) Cher played by Silverstone was Held at gunpoint while being robbed during the movie, famously noted for not wanting to get on the ground and ruin her extremely important designer dress." THIS IS AN ALAIA"! Exclaimed Cher. That didn't go over so well with the robber but point well noted for me. I remember thinking this ALAIA guy must be a Fashion God! Over the years he has proven to be just that.

Born Azzedine Alaia on February 26, 1940 in Tunis Tunisia along with his twin sister. ALAIA is known as the 'King of Cling' due to the seductive body clinging designs he creates. His designs showcase the female form while correcting any imperfections very similar to creating a second skin. He is also known for using minimal accessories in his looks. Alaia has designed for artist such as Grace Jones, Naomi Campbell, Tina Turner, Madonna, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and last but not least our First Lady Michele Obama.

What I admire the most about AZZEDINE ALAIA other than his creations is his unwillingness to conform to the hectic schedule and demand of the fashion industry. Mr. ALAIA completely goes against the grain and decides his own collection preview dates at his pace. Aalia previews a collection when he feels he has something to show allowing his vision to remain unique and authentic to his artistic flow. His ready to wear collections and shoes can be purchased year round at high-end retail shops like Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys and Saks.

I salute Mr. Alaia for being bold enough to follow his own formula for success in a world full of conformity. I chose pictures above that display his craftsmanship, style, and too represent the individuals who refused to conform. Michele Obama who is often criticized for being a First Lady and showing off her bare arms or thus being an African American First Lady period! Kim Kardashian who is often criticized for the path in which she chose to achieve success. Mr.Azzedine Alaia, First Lady Michele Obama, and Kim Kardashian all prove that one can choose their own path and be successful without following the ideas,opinions, and social norms set by society. Remain true to your vision not everyone will agree or support you but that's okay just embrace those who do. Never dim your light to make other people feel comfortable. Be kind and let your light Shine Bright inside Out! Work on your dreams and goals no matter how big or small and believe that they will happen.

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