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Find Your Favorite Makeup Finish

Winnie Harlow & Bella Hadid for Dior Makeup

Knowing what kind of finish you want is the first step of prepping your skin for makeup. The "finish" of your makeup simply describes the common aesthetics that your style of makeup falls under, whether natural, dewy, matte, or radiant; each finish is unique, and depending on your skin type, you can further determine what skin prepping products and tools you will need to produce the flawless finish you want.

The 4 Main Types of Makeup Finishes


A natural finish is just what the name entails; you want to create the illusion that you have perfect, even-toned skin all around, without anyone noticing that you're wearing anything at all. Usually, a balancing skin care routine, simple primer, and a skin-finish foundation or CC+ cream can get the job done.


The dewy or glass-skin finish is a unique one, which incorporates moisture-focused products for a shiny, reflective finish. For a dewy look, you want to create the illusion of glass-like skin, similar to a porcelain doll. Dewy looks are usually accomplished by using tinted moisturizers or hydrating skin care products.


A matte or velvet finish is similar to the natural finish, but usually applies to glam or full-coverage looks. To ace a matte finish, you want to make sure that you prep the skin well enough that no excess sebum (oil) production will ruin the finish by giving it shine (or even lifting the product away from your skin!).


The radiant finish is not to be confused with the dewy finish, although both are close on the spectrum of appreciating the glow that can come with makeup application. A radiant finish can be considered as matte, with the use of highlighters to control where the radiance... radiates!

What is your go-to finish? Let us know!

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