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Fendi: Summer Vertigo

Updated: Jun 16

Fendi, Summer Vertigo, 2021

What is Summer Vertigo? According to Fendi, it's their new collection in collaboration with artist, Sarah Coleman. With this collaboration you can expect a capsule collection that "embodies a creative clash of influences: from 90s streetwear and outdoor vibes to 70s flair and Fendi's signature design themes"

Fendi, Summer Vertigo, 2021

It features many items such as swimsuits, cargo styled garments, everyday summer dresses and more. It's a perfect combination of summertime fun. With earth tone colors, like brown and army green, with bright summer colors, such as yellow and blue, the color palette definitely reflects the outdoor vibes whether you plan to lounge at the beach or head out on a camping trip. However, the most interesting attribute is the psychedelic twist on the classic Fendi Monogram, which could also resemble water, a perfect motif for a summer collection. Two special additions include a Sup Board, complete with equipment, and a vintage polaroid style camera to ensure you have fun and document it.

Fendi, Summer Vertigo, 2021

Be sure to check out this collection and let us know what your favorite piece is in the comments!

Fendi, Summer Vertigo, 2021

-Solange McKenzie

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