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Fashion in the life of Corona

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

“What is this life if not, full of care

We have no time to stand and stare“

These words by W H Davis, sums up all our lives. The thing about Corona is, that it has given the world that time to stand and stare. And while we are quarantined and fighting a pandemic, it gives us the time to reflect on everything within and around us. The Covid-19 has affected each and every sector/person of the world. The fashion industry is no exception.

Qiaodan yin peng at Beijing Fashion week

The virus has made everything in the industry come to a standstill. Fashion weeks, trade shows will be postponed. Retail stores have shut and so have factories and production. The small brands and designers will be affected because the demand has lowered and is going to lower all the more; the bigger labels will be affected in their supply and demand chain. Specially where they have been relying on China and Italy for production.

The follow to the lockdown to fight COViD 19 will be an economic slowdown which will worsen the situation of the artisans world over. The public healthcare facilities will not be enough in countries where the clusters dwell and majority of the artisan’s families do not have prior savings.

Artisan in the valley of Kashmir, India

But on the brighter side, there has been a support from the fashion industry to the health and care of the people. LVMH stepped up and produced hand sanitizers to the French Health authorities, Christian Siriano has stepped in to produce masks and gowns for the health professionals.

Christian Siriano on twitter

Louis Vuitton Hand Sanitizer

The demands are going to change, and how we don’t know yet. The chain will have to change, and we do not know how yet.

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