Fashion and the Fitness Revolution



Ciara is a singer, songwriter, dancer, and entertainer turned High-fashion model &muse to many designers and stylists. When she first came on the scene every girl wanted to sing and dance like her. She went on to sell millions of records and became a household name after her first album was released. After a few years of her career a shift began to occur and she was not selling albums the way she was during her first two albums. She faced some major issues with her with  label and eventually signed a new record deal. As her music career was declining she was working on herself. She transformed her body completey and her entire look and style. Ciara began appearing in the front rows of some of the most prestigious fashion shows from New York to Paris. Now she can be seen walking the runways in highfashion shows and it seems every designer from Lanvin to Tom Ford wants to style the star. Ciara continues to make music but she proves that one should never limit themselves and in difficult times a transformation is needed for the next level of your life. Trials are not supposed to make you quit they are  designed to strengthen you and prepare you for your blessings to come.  I love that she has been able to make highfashion, fitnesss, and music work so well for her. I know the body transformation made it possible for her to make her successful entrance into the highfashion world. Sometimes when one makes a decision to shed dead weight ones life changes in ways never imagined. So i ask what is your next level? Are you in a season of change? Is there extra weight or baggage holding you back and  keeping you from your best self? Are you working on yourself through the trial? Leave a comment below 

Ciara in LANVIN Dress photo above 

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