Empress of the Day A Trendsetter

Arguably one of the most Iconic Trendsetting artist of our time. When she first stepped on the scene screaming on the track with her 1999 debut single "Caught out there"the video featured Kelis with her big rainbow magic hair, vocal chords a blaze, and destroying everything in her path we knew this girl was a force! In 2001 Kelis took the UK on a wild ride to her Wanderland where they would be" Young Fresh and New." She went on to bring all the boys to the yard with her "Milkshake" in 2003. The "BOSSY" one herself, made sure we all knew Kelis Was Here in 2006. She welcomed us to the "22nd Century" where we danced all night wearing Flesh Tone in 2010. Feeling hungry in 2014 we ate Food to be specific her famous "Jerk Ribs." The Food album was perfectly named because the trendsetting singer/songwriter is also a trained chef.

Kelis has been the Queen of transformation throughout the years. Never one to shy away from controversy, she donned a bomber jacket with the N word plastered across the back with matching tank top to the Grammys. Controversial for sure absolutely stylish and stunning nonetheless.

"Being the ideal of a strong woman means utilizing all the things that God gives you. People are always saying to me, 'You're a strong female, so why are you wearing a bikini on the cover of that magazine?' Being a strong woman is misconstrued to be something evil and ugly."


Happy Birthday to our Empress of the Day Kelis who turned 40 years old today. We look forward to new music and more of her famous sauces from her Bounty&Full Sauce Line.

-Keiana Armani

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