Empress in Escada

So I say it is the glue, the bondage, the foundation! IT !! As in New York Fashion Week. I had the opportunity to attend a couple fashion shows ..Laurel Dewitt and Katty Xiomara both shows were amazing and immensely inspiring I must add . But let me digress a bit before this seems like just another braggadocios look at me type of blog post. IT WASN'T ALL Pretty Flowers, Oranges, Bright Shapes, and Colorful Baloons. When I say I faced obstacles I faced obstacles! So someone just read that last sentence and said Oh REALLY??!! First obstacle ...this thing called LIFE ! u know what I'm taking about it pops up every time an opportunity to move forward shows up to try to make you quit and fill your mind with all the reasons why you shouldn't MOVE in the direction of your dreams/goals. Next up swollen feet ! Yes my feet and ankles were so swollen that I could barely fit any of my shoes. Next obstacle coordinating who would pick up My son from school while I'm out of town. Wait .., the plot thickens so I arrive downtown Philly to catch the bus to New York Yes the BUS lol (insider) I walk into the station wait in the line the bus is boarding in 15 minutes they announce so a sense of calm comes over me because again I am already in line to purchase my ticket. A couple minutes go by and Now it's my turn at the window so I kindly say "Can I please have a round trip ticket to New York" the lady responds sure that will be 20.00 I respond no problem and hand her my card to pay. Sorry Mam CASH ONLY the lady responds. In an instant my heart drops ! I have no cash on me ! You Can't be serious I say with force! So I'm like okay simple fix don't panic Keiana just purchase the ticket online. Right ??!! Wrong ! After 10 minutes of setting up an account online I get to the checkout screen enter my card information and select pay now screen reads ......Page Error !!! Now I'm like this bus cannot leave me but it did ! I watched the bus I should have been on leave right in front of my face. Now my inner Lion comes out because there is no Phuckin way I'm not going to fashion week!! Okay so now I need a to find my bank to get cash. So I google my bank and there's one very close to where I am okay, I'm behind schedule but it's okay no worries. I get in line to get cash the bank teller asks for identification so I get out my card but it's expired and my camera card that they send in the mail after you renew your license online is in another handbag at home! So the bank teller must get a manager to override. I'm laughing to myself because I know I'm being tested to see if I'll fold and say well maybe it's not meant to go ! LIES !! Not my style at all I'm gonna see it through to the very end and I'm getting on this Bus to NYC ! Finally I have the cash and head back to the Bus station to purchase my ticket but the next bus doesn't leave for another hour. I had already missed one fashion show that day there was no way I was gonna miss another one. Let me say this when I got on off the bus in NYC it felt so Great ! I had made it . When I got to my first fashion show which was the Laurel Dewitt Show I was a little late but I MADE it ! My eyes were watering with gratitude and joy ! So when I say Fashion week is the Glue and the foundation this what I mean anytime you have a passion you must stop at nothing to SHOW up ! To declare yourself apart of the market place To be in the presence of your superiors and peers with common interests. My foundation was set the first time attended and here I am still building upon that foundation breaking down barriers and obstacles leaving excuses behind. Special thanks to Crissy Jones for sending me a text that read "Fuck them circumstances this is your destiny follow your vision" to Mitch, Story and to my entire support system, my family who helped out with my son. Thank You So much ! Oh and thanks to The Luxury Fashion House ESCADA for approving my pictures! Thanks for tuning into me out of millions of fashion stylist, fashion bloggers etc. Stay tuned for more Empress-ing and watch me live what I call the Luxury LifeStyle Fashion Style Fitness and Etiquette.

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