Empowering Empresses

These last couple of weeks have truly struck me at my core and inspired me, shook me, scared me, disappointed me, all in one! A whole host of events have taken place with me personally as well as the election of a new so called President, to the women's march, to some of the latest buffoonery from someone whom I refuse to give anymore publicity or spot light but I think we know the inhuman sad excuse for a human I am referring to. First off let me say that I am truly honored to be a Woman ! And a woman of color ! I am absolutely touch by our ability to unite as one and stand up for our rights ! I am absolutely in total amazement of how we pull together and get things done in all areas rather business, political etc. These last few days had me revisiting what the INDIGO BLUE STYLE mission is and only one word comes to mind "Empowerment " I birthed this vision from personal experience and wanting to follow my dreams as a fashion stylist/ entrepreneur sharing my stories of transformations with my life and body etc. They were all my way of empowering women to live their best well rounded life possible. I never want to lose sight of what it means to be a woman and rise above this very minuscule picture of what society attempts to portray women as. We are so very powerful yet there are people who want to take away our RIGHTS! We won't stand for this ! We will ban together ! We will make our dreams come true ! We will continue to be Empresses who Slayyy take care of our families and build Empires ! We will have a say over what happens with our bodies ! We will have a right to equal pay we will have a choice !! We Will ! One last thought To any women feeling insecure don't hate a secure woman befriend her ! Understand how she got there, ask her for help, don't fear her this creates division ! We DO NOT NEED DIVISION IN THESE TIMES !! I am not a political person what I am is a HUMAN BEING! Special thanks to all the diversity I've ever faced you've inspired me ! Fashion week 2017 we plan to take it over I feel empowered to absolutely SLAYYYY!

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