Discovering A Legend: Yohji Yamamoto

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Yohji Yamamoto ss/19

Yohiji Yamamoto is a Japanese designer who led the revolution that liberated fashion from the shackles and ideologies of Western Tradition. Showing his first collection in Tokyo in 1970 for women, he deconstructed the silhouette that would define a new era of beauty. The basic element of his designs unbalance the proportion to create a different sense of movement.

Yohji Yamamoto ss/19

Yohji Yamamoto uses 2 colors to facilitate his vision black and white, to convey his minimalist approach to form juggling lines, and materials.

Yohji Yamamoto ss/19

According to Yamamoto black is considered to be the sum of all other colors, the final shadow, and silhouette. The starting points for his designs is the fabric itself.

Yohji Yamamoto

"Space is Movement"

Yohji Ymamoto

Mr. Yamamoto believes that the role of clothing should be treated as a dignified accessory and should seek to allow the personality of the wearer to come through. #yohjiyamamoto

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-Keiana Armani

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