Discovering A Legend: Emanuel Ungaro

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Emanuel Ungaro spent his childhood training in his father's tailoring business. During his early career he was an assistant designer at Balenciaga and gradually worked his way up to head of design for the Spanish Branch of the illustrious brand, later resigning to work for Courreges. He went on to open his Parisian based House in 1965. Ungaro applies his technical expertise to the design of geometric forms, which was highly trendy at that time. Emanuel was extraordinarily innovative by introducing striking patterns and colors. During the 1970s his style would drastically change from rigidity to more fluid , softer more voluptuous lines. By the 1980`s he was all about paying tribute to female sexualiity the designs were unquestionably sophisticated. Mr. Ungaro would remain at his namesake company until 2005 when he retired and sold the company to an internet entrepreneur for 84 billion dollars.

The company would go on to have multiple different designers between 2005 to 2019 including actress Lindsay Lohan which faced harsh criticism. Emanuel Ungaro currently has no appointed creative Director after the departure of Marco Colagrossi. The 2019 Pre-fall collection was designed by the House team which is a mixture of new and veteran designers who worked alongside its Founder. The Design team plans to use archival collections as inspiration for upcoming seasons. Take a look at some photos of the Pre-Fall 2019 collection.

-Keiana Armani

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