Discovering A Legend: The future of Courreges is the Cross Over into the past

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Andre Courreges the French designer launched his line with a Bang! in 1961. He had previously worked for Balenciaga for 10 years. Courreges is responsible for some defining moments in fashion history. He is known for his modern and futuristic approach, credited for the Go-Go boot also known as the Courreges boot, the miniskirt, and the little white dress. He despised any garments that restricted movement. Mr. Courreges clients included some of the worlds most stunning and Iconic beauties like Jaqueline Kennedy and Catherine Deneuve . After many years of successful collections including the acclaimed "Space Age"collection in 2011 he sold the brand to Jacques Bungert and Frederic Torlotting.

The Courreges brand is now owned by The French Billionaire Francis Pinault under the family holding company Artemis. Yolanda Zobel is the new artistic director. The house has also unveiled a new logo in attempt to revive the Heritage brand which has remained unknown to many consumers outside of France. The New Courreges designs display a perfect perpendicular approach to the days of its Founder Mr. Andre Courreges. His influence is highly visible while adopting a new appeal for the market today for the new age consumer. Allow us to be your first introduction to this exquisite high-end Parisian fashion house that we are calling the next wave. Get to know The New Courreges where #thefutureisbehindyou here on

-Keiana Armani

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