Discovering A Fashion Legend: Mary Quant The British Icon

She was more than a fashion designer, she was the outspoken women of a generation that up until then had no individualism. She provided young people the tools to explore a new identity.

Mary Quant the London based designer studied at Goldsmith`s College of Art where she would meet her husband. The pair would go on to open their first boutique Bazaar in 1955 on a corner of Markham Square and King`s Road in Chelsea. Quant had no real fashion training so she started selling clothes by other designers. She became unsatisfied with the designers and felt they were not corresponding to her vision of fashion. Mary decided to launch her own designs which included the miniskirt , pinafore, and PVC raincoats all inspired from street style in London.

"I've always wanted young people to have a fashion of their own."

Mary Quant

Known as the mini-skirt queen , Mary Quant embodied femininity , fun , young, and flirty pairing skirts with go-go boots , bold prints and accessories. She also popularised hot pants and became a British Icon winning numerous awards. Mary Quant would resign in 2000 after a Japanese buyout.

The Mary Quant brand still exists though its reach seems to be predominantly the Japanese market. Take a look at some of their newer designs. They have taken a few notes from the founder Mary Quant but not the entire class. Let us know your thoughts is it a hit or miss?

- Keiana Armani

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