Deflated Ego: The Movement

The Ego can be very powerful. It can make or break your spirit given the way in which the ego functions within you. The Ego can make one long for things that serve no purpose in ones life. The Ego personality needs to feel separate  from the rest of the world ,it creates distance and has to feel special to go beyond fears. The ego creates competition  because it needs to feel secure it needs observers and a sense of importance.   All one really needs is inner security and peace. Security comes from being spiritually in tune and working on ones self and I am not talking about perfection. I am talking about awareness of self and embracing that we are all one. 

The Deflated Ego Movement is about taking the journey to discovering ones best self. It is about living a well rounded lifestyle , dressing well, working out, reading more, being spiritually in tune, helping other people, enjoying life, having tolerance, releasing criticism of others, and being in the present moment. Developing inner security will raise your energy and help one attract more of the positive things one desires on all levels of life.  Indigo Blue is looking to partner with women on a mission to transform their lives and help other people as well. Sign up to the email list (click on health&fitness) for more information on joining Indigo Blue. 

We all have a purpose to fulfill. We all deserve to have the life we want despite any current realities or circumstances. I will be attending a 3 part very special session starting tomorrow held by a truly gifted and respected individual. I will be blogging about each session stay tuned........

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