Conscious times..

Following the news of Zac Posen and Barney’s, it has me thinking how rapidly the times and needs are changing! Till a year ago, the world was driven by commercial success and all of a sudden the shift has been story driven…ethos, values and craftsmanship is the path forward!

Making the client a part of your journey is what the scenario today demands. Showing them where you came from and making them a part of where you are headed is the only way they will stay.

Sustainable 'fast' fashion, H&M

Even fast fashion brands like h&m have started including transparency in their supply chains. Their brand conscious not only uses ethical practices , but also lets the consumer trace the chain. This sense of awareness and inclusion is what made the brand relevant.

Eileen Fisher's installation at Milan Design Week

While brands like Eileen Fisher who has been on the forefront of slow fashion, has also made the client a part of their journey! This has led to her broadening to a more younger and aware clientele. A designer like Stella McCartney who can be synonymic with fashion forward RTW, has also bent her direction towards a more sustainable brand.

Stella McCartney

Brands and designers of all levels, styles and cores are taking us on the path of a meaningful style..its just a choice we must make!

-Nikita S

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