BTS - Indigo Blue x Clutured Couture Shoot

Behind the Scenes at the Cultured Couture/Indigo Blue Photo Shoot Collaboration

The Energy was great at the shoot! I got to work with some talented young women. Everyone had a common goal which was to bring our talents and good positive energy to the photo shoot to create something great. I was so excited to style the beautiful amazon model Aliette. Princess P who was the makeup/hair artist did my makeup before and i promised i would call her for my next shoot and i'm always a person of my word. The shoot was held at Cultured Couture 703 West Girard Avenue and featured styling by Keiana Armani,creative directing by Erik Honesty and photography by Jamel Ransom. Styling is so effortless for me, it just comes natural. The most important thing is to do it from your heart and not your head. I'm always the one to encourage people to do what they love and live on purpose. Never allow people to down play your God given gifts or talk you out of your purpose. Believe in yourself! Stay tuned for the full look book coming soon.

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