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Beverly Peele: Mademoiselle of the Runway

Beverly Peele

Beverly Peele started her modeling career as young as age 12 in 1987. During this time she was modeling with smaller companies and brands. Coveted for her slim figure and striking features she landed her first cover for Mademoiselle in 1991. Later that same year, Peele was featured in an editorial for Vogue, then the cover of Seventeen. Peele would reach new heights in her career following a feature in a Vogue Editorial alongside Naomi Campbell in 1993. After her feature she began booking shows with brands like Victoria's Secret, Chanel, and Comme de Garçon. Pelle also has campaign features with brands such as Versace, Donna Karen, Ralph Lauren and more.

Beverly Peele for Chanel, 1993

Over the course of her career as a model, Peele has graced the cover of over 250 magazines and has been featured many times on screen. Peele was first featured in two music videos, "Nuttin' but Love" by Heavy D & the Boyz and "Freakin You" by Jodeci. But, her most notable on screen work was as Nicole on hit show Girlfriends, which began in 1999. Some of her other on screen work include appearances on show Sister, Sister, a role in movie Sweet Friggin' Daisies. In 2010 her career slowed after she and her daughter, Cairo, were involved in a car accident.

- Solange McKenzie

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