Be Willing


Are you willing to step outside your comfort zone? Are you ready to get the funny looks from people who do not understand your vision. Are you willing to let go of unnecessary baggage. Are you willing to be unrecognizable? Are you willing to define your own style and be a trendsetter. Are you willing to have the career/Business relationship,body, the clothes, the Lifestyle that you want? Do you style for other people or your own personal fulfillment ?

I had a very interesting experience last week that really made me think . I witnessed people full of life  but not living at all. I am not by any way judging but I want to stress that YOU DESERVE TO HAVE THE LIFE THAT YOU WANT. It is great to observe the success of other people and genuinely be happy for them but never feel like they have accomplished something you can't accomplish. We are all humanly capable of creating what we truly desire from life.  It will take some change and patience to accomplish great things but if you walk by faith and not by sight truly believing in your purpose, It will happen . So who inspires you ? Who lives the life that intrigues you? Everyday I am observing the lives of women who inspire me, women who are walking in their purpose,women who are truly ALIVE!

June Ambrose, stylist to the stars is that of what I call a supernova fashion&style Goddess! She began her career in investment banking where she learned how to use money productively. The corporate world helped her to find her entrepreneurial spirit but it was not the creative environment that she desired. June decided to leave the corporate world and her weekly paycheck for an internship which confused her parents but they now understand.

I am influenced by her personal style tremendously! She just goes for it without fear of ridicule. I also love the balance she displays with being a mother, entrepreneur, stylist,designer and author. June has helped to launch the comebacks of artist like Mariah Carey and shape the image of mega super stars like Jay-Z. June has definitely made her mark in fashion history and continues to show the world why she was willing to step out on faith and live her truth .

Remember the world needs inspiration and your calling is not about YOU!! It is about the people whose lives you will change by answering that inner voice that is telling you to step into your purpose.

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