• Solange McKenzie

Balmain: Milan’s Main Event

Balmain SS21

Yesterday we talked about Paris Fashion Week and Versace. Today let’s take a trip over to Milan because Balmain was definitely the main event.

Balmain SS21

Olivier Roustings and the Balmain team gave a show that was TO DIE for in Milan. Viewer tuned in virtually and their faces on screens lined the runway as if they were actually there. But let’s talk about how the Balmain team took suiting to a whole other level. The show featured suit, tops and blazers with sharp angled shoulder for a supremely edgy vibe. Talk about EXTRA! And to add onto that, they even had some looks with featured neon pinks and greens. Wear one of those and you will not be forgotten... but in a good way. You would definitely stand out among the regular everyday suit.

Balmain SS21

Congrats to Olivier Roustings and Balmain because they definitely shut down Milan Fashion Week. Did you catch the show? Tell us your thoughts!

-Solange McKenzie

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