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Updated: Feb 24

Designer Aurora James

Hailing from Canada now residing in Brooklyn Aurora was discovered working at a gym. She was offered the opportunity to work for fashion television. That opportunity would prove to be a life changing moment.

Aurora James

“I was raised to be a trailblazer“

Aurora James

As a young girl Aurora loved shoes and after moving to the US she was inspired to visit Africa. While in Africa she became fascinated with the culture and also saw the opportunity to partner with artisans who skills were undervalued. When she launched her business Brother Vellies she wanted to include African Artisans to help deliver a powerful message in the fashion world. James was advised not to structure her business this way, even being told that Luxury shoes could not be made in Africa. She was also advised if consumers were made aware of their origin that it could tarnish her brand. Aurora was determined to remain true to her vision and silence the critics.

Brother Vellies Ivory Olivia Pumps

Aurora creates with sustainability at the center of her designs using animal by product materials and vegetable dyes. With hand painted luxury shoes some argue the price point is extreme however she aims to produce quality shoes that consumers can have in their wardrobes forever. Her love for women is a driving force behind her beautiful designs. She has designed for artist like Niki Manaj for the 2019 Met Gala. She has won many awards including the CFDA award in 2015 and International Designer of the Year award in Canada.

Niki Minaj 2019 Met Gala in custom Brother Vellies

In addition to her uniquely bold approach to designing she is also a powerful voice for black business owners. Her initiative 15 Percent Pledge fights for economic equality by holding big retail chains accountable to provide

support, uplift, and empower black creatives by making sure 15% of shelf space is available.

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By Keiana Armani - Creative Director

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