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Anifa Mvuemba: A Designer for ALL Women

Anifa Mvuemba

Anifa Mvuemba is the founder of fashion brand Hanifa, a contemporary womenswear brand. Prior to starting Hanifa, Mvuemba was an alterations seamstress and began her design career in 2011. A year later, in 2012, she took her tax return, and used it towards her business to launch Haifa. With a passion to break barriers Mvuemba states, “ Black women have to work so hard all the time and there are so many expectations. Everyone is watching and that motivates me to work harder, but I think certain barriers need to be broken and I’m hoping to be a part of that change.” Hanifa is dedicated to women of all sizes, with a special focus on black women.

Hanifa Essentials Collection, 2021

Hanifa’s collections feature vibrant colors and structured silhouettes that highlight femininity and the female figure. While the early designs were more simple, as Mvuemba grew, so did the creative vision. Similar to the evolution of her designs, the size range of her brand continues to grow. Mvuemba is making a point to continue to adding sizes while still making sure the garments maintain their appeal and compliments each size. This is greatly inspired by her own size journey, starting out as a size 2, but has naturally grown out to a size 12. So it is important to her to honor women of all sizes and make sure everyone feels beautiful. She aspires to make all women feel confident in her clothes something in which not all designers are as passionate about

Hanifa Essentials Collection, 2021

Additionally, Hanifa is breaking barriers when it comes to bridging tech and fashion. In 2020, during the quarantine, Hanifa released the first ever completely digital runway show for her Pink Label line. Inspired by the Congo, Mvuemba digitized her whole collection to present her show through social media, on instagram, and her website. Make sure you check it out below.

As Anifa Mvuemba and her brand Hanifa continue to gain recognition, you can see her designs worn by celebrities like Zendaya on the cover of InStyle Magazine and the iconic Sarah Jessica Parker.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Miya Knit Cardigan Dress

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-Solange McKenzie

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