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An Ode to 90's Beauty Aesthetics

Karen Mulder

The beauty industry is currently worth 93.5 billion dollars, and still to this day beauty aesthetics from the 1990’s are held at the highest prestige in makeup and is constantly acknowledged as such. Let's take a moment to observe some trends that the 90's has catapulted into the spotlight.

Under-eye Highlight

Tyra Banks at the Oscars, 1998

The under-eye highlight was a must-have on the Red Carpet in the 90’s; this technique is worn by blending concealer (2 shades lighter than your foundation) under the eye and using a setting powder overtop. This method is still used today by many makeup artists alike.

90's Model Christy Turlington

Dewy Pastels

Candy-colored pastel looks were very popular in the 90’s. Today, you can see remnants of the colorful trend emulated in places like New York or Korea, or in magazines representing high fashion styles. Bright-colored liquid eyeshadows and blushes are usually used to achieve this look.

Naomi Campbell, 1987 - Ph. Kim Knott

Neutral, Barely-there, Feminine Makeup

Soft, minimalist, neutral-monochrome makeup was upheld as the simple, feminine standard of beauty in the 90’s. Plucked brows made for a porcelain-like aesthetic, complimenting a bold lip and minimal face makeup. Bronzer and blush on its own, lightly applied, with mascara and simple eyeshadow is the way to go to get this look. Of course, never forget the 90's signature burgundy matte lip.

Let Us Know What Your Favorite 90's Trend is!

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