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Aisha Ayensu: Putting Ghana on the Fashion Map

Aisha Ayensu

Aisha Ayensu is a Ghanaian designer and the founder of the brand Christie Brown. Christie Brown in a luxury brand named after Ayensu's grandmother, who was a seamstress, and heavily inspired by the beauty of her country, Ghana.

Christie Brown, Fall-Winter 20

Christie Brown is a brand created for women who love to take risks, and love details, bold colors and value fit and function. The garments are produced in Africa and really embody the heritage and story of Ghana while still being modern. Throughout each collection you can really see the attention to intricate details, and the incorporation of African prints, and textiles. There is also a great balance fo structure and fluidity, which again is perfect for the modern day woman. The brand is true to being "a unique experience designed to complement the amazing personality of the woman who wears her."

Christie Brown

With a background in fashion from Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design, Aisha Ayensu founded Christie Brown in 2008. While she started the brand was started in Ghana, it is now internationally recognized and she has gained many awards due to her designs. Ayensu was awarded the Emerging Designer of the Year, Arise Africa fashion event in South Africa in 2009. In 2018 She was recognized as Best Fashion Designer, Africa Prestigious Awards and African Designer of the Year by Glitz Style Awards. She also won this award again in 2019. Additionaly, she was the only Ghanian designer to showcase in Paris Fashion Week in the Arise L'Afrique-á-Porter.

Tina Knowles Lawson in Christie Brown

You can spot one of her many designs on the one and only Tina Knowles Lawson.

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