A True Visionary - Ralph Lauren


Ralph Lauren, a true visionary has had a huge impact on the fashion industry. He is the most influential designer in the fashion industry. Ralph Lauren has managed to conquer the fashion market from all different demographics spanning from the inner city youth with his classic iconic Polo shirt to the high-fashion runway looks featured all over the red carpets. 

Ralph was raised in the Bronx . His family did not have a lot of money and he often wore hand me downs. In his book he speaks of seeing the world through a glass window noting that it was not the window of his reality but the window that looked out to his dreams.

He has truly created a lifestyle Brand that has tapped into home goods, paints, furnishings, ties ,clothing, shoes, menswear, women, and children. His famous Ricky Bag continues to be a celeb must have and favorite named after his beloved wife! Last, but not least the luxurious, the truly opulent Polo Bar Restaurant, very meticulously stylish representing the true elegant classic style that is The Ralph Lauren Brand. 

Ralph Lauren dared to dream despite the circumstances he was born into. His dreams became his reality.

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