A Proper Introduction - Keiana Armani

Styling/Creative Director: Keiana Armani || Clothing: Indigo Blue



I wanted to take the time to introduce myself to my supporters and thank you all for allowing me to share Indigo Blue with you. Indigo Blue is my second baby minus the swollen feet and weird cravings lol but it is truly a Life Style Brand. Let me digress a bit and tell you more about her lol don't mind me I speak in third person from time to time but i promise not to through the entire  introduction! I! am a girl from the inner city who was raised by my grandparents and a single mother. I am the oldest of seven children. My mother gave birth to me at the tender age of 15 on August 17, (year not important) lol one day after her own birthday. Although I knew my father he was not consistent in my life and had very little involvement with raising me. We did not have a lot of material things but what we did have were values, morals and integrity. I grew up feeling different standing almost 6 ft. tall and with a different style from my peers as well. I gravitated toward runway models because they were tall some taller than I. The clothes they wore really captured me. I remember cutting the pockets off my jeans and attempting to create the pieces I lust for. I knew at a young age i wanted more! I wanted to live a well rounded luxury lifestyle. When i started Indigo Blue I was already a mother to a handsome truly gifted little boy.. I was determined not to allow motherhood to define me but be a SPECIAL PART of who I am. INDIGO BLUE IS A LIFESTYLE that i wanted to share with the world. Some people ask me HOW DID I DO IT?! Well the answer is simple I was tired!  Tired of my job ,tired of not being my desired weight, tired of eating unhealthy, tired of watching other people live happy lives, I WAS JUST TIRED!.  I started taking small steps towards changing my life and it was not easy. The First thing I did was read a book by Joell Osteen which gave me the inner strength to follow my dreams and live a passionate happy life. I wrote my letter of resignation and post dated it. I began planning my steps BEFORE leaving my full-time job. Then i went to work on my body. Now your probably wondering how i found time to exercise? Instead of sitting down during my son's karate practices i spent 30 minutes of the time exercising. I eliminated juice and sugary beverages and restricted myself to water with a twist of lemon. With my confidence up from my weight loss and my energy up from leaving my miserable full-time job ,I already had fashion forward clothing now it was time to enter the fashion world! I attended my first fashion week and it was a blast even through the small obstacles that occurred like a bad snow storm, falling in the snow,and getting stuck in New York longer than i expected. Shortly after I opened my online Etsy shop, I was grateful but it was not enough! I was not able to connect with people and inspire them to not only look their best ,but to also feel their best. I knew my journey had just begun so when IndigoBlueStyle.com launched it had to be perfect it had to include ALL ASPECTS OF MY LIFESTYLE! BUT YET I STRUGGLED WITH SHOWING MYSELF ! I was more concerned with showcasing my talents and inspiring others than being in the spot light until I received some constructive criticism from another business owner. She loved the website the styling and the message behind it but she wanted to see ME the person who was creating the brand! I thanked her for her honesty and I began the process of opening up to my supporters. Now please know I WILL NOT OVERLOAD you with pictures, posts of myself but i will share my journey from time to time. At the end of the day i'm here to inspire you to live your best fashion forward, beautiful,happy, healthy life possible and if i can accomplish that then my purpose is fulfilled. Stay tuned for my next look book and the expansion of Indigo Blue Style's wellness page. 

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