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2020 Makeup Trends: Fluffed Brows

Solange Knowles for 2020 Harper’s Bazaar Magazine

Normani Kordei for TeenVOGUE


Brows are a huge staple when it comes to beauty, some say the brows can ultimately make or break any makeup look. From plucked brows, to insta-brows, tinted brows, to micro-blading, the fluffed brow is one of 2020’s hottest makeup trends to date.

This bold yet easy-going brow is perfect for quick, every day looks as well as high fashion editorials. Models, artists, and actresses have all been seen sporting this look in their own unique way.

Zoe Kravitz for Elle

Give Your Brows Some TLC

Maintaining this brow look comes with a little self care; when going to get your eyebrows arched or threaded, ask for a simple "clean up", so that your brows stay full and fluffy and not over-plucked.

If your brows are thinner, consider eyebrow-growth serums like the Grande Cosmetics Grande-Brow Serum, which uses supplements such as L-Proline: an amino acid essential to healthy, fortified brows.

Also, using a spoolie (a mascara-wand style brush) with gentle face wash, to cleanse your brows is a great way to promote growth overtime.

The fluffy brow look gives the fool-proof illusion of full, thick brows and can be used in accordance to any bold fashion look.

Patrick Ta using Major Brow Sculpting Wax

Achieve this look by using Anastasia Beverlyhill’s tinted or clear brow gel or Patrick Ta’s new Major Brow Shaping Wax. Brush your brow hairs upwards and out; if you are using a tinted product, make sure to gently swatch the skin as you brush, allowing the wand to do all the filling for you.

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