• Zair Thomas

Makeup Trends: Asian Beauty Influence

Asian beauty and skincare rituals can be traced back to hundreds of years ago; however, specific beauty tactics that have been used throughout Asia have only recently been popularized in Western society, stemming from viral beauty aesthetics and tactics such as the use of rice water on the skin, the “glass skinfinish”, “Harajuku” beauty aesthetics(Japan), K-Beauty (Korean Beauty), as well as high fashion, Chinese Geisha aesthetics. Keep reading to learn more about this new trendy beauty aesthetic.

Introduction to the "Igari" look

All in all, when it comes to popularized Asian beauty aesthetics each trend typically follows the rules of “Igari” which is a Korean term that means “hangover makeup” in English. Igari makeup[....]focuses on making the face look as innocent as possible, with clean and natural-looking skin as your base devoid of dark circles.” The glass skinfinish or “porcelain” look are also very common aesthetics in Asia. The use of pastel colors, "straight brows", and round colored contacts are a great way to emulate this style of beauty.

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